Soil analysis.


They improve the qualitative indicators of the harvest – sugar and protein content, oily, nitrate level decreases.


Peat-based fertilizers in combination with other organics perfectly feed the poor, barren and depleted loamy and sandy soils.


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    Organic fertilizer ``Ecostandard``

    (fertilizer) is produced from plant raw materials by composting, using specially designed microorganisms (Effective microorganisms, EM). It is a compost made in bioreactors from natural raw materials using environmentally friendly technologies.

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    As feedstock

    is used by-products of plant growing (crop residues), or the main (fruits, berries, vegetative mass) – if it does not meet consumer requirements, or for other reasons.

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    Plant material is processed by microorganisms

    at the same time, only natural biochemical processes take place; any technological methods used in chemical production are excluded. Adding (if necessary) of individual power supply elements is possible before or during composting, therefore all the nutrients components form a natural nutrient complex at the end of the production cycle.

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    This makes fertilizer ``Ecostandard`` natural

    a natural product both on feedstock, and on technology of receiving.

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    Fertilizer ``Ecostandard`` is designed to improve

    soil fertility or substrate, when growing plants in pots, indoor or open ground. Available in two forms – in the form of a nutrient fluid, and dry compost. Fertilizer can also be used in hydroponic culture, by adding a liquid form to a hydroponic solution, and compost to a substrate (if available).

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    The presence of fiber, in addition to nutrients, has a beneficial effect

    on the physical properties of the soil or substrate, namely, it prevents repacking, weakens cracking. In addition, fiber as organic matter is a source of energy for further fixation of nitrogen from the air by microorganisms, and an increase in its content in the soil.

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    Effective microorganisms (EM)

    that convert vegetable raw materials into compost are also present in the fertilizer. They improve the composition of soil microflora, have a stimulating effect on plants. Thus, “Ecostandard” is also a microbiological fertilizer.


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