Features of the KASTONS BORON microfertilizer:


  • highly concentrated solution, the boron content in KASTONS B is 30% higher than in similar fertilizers from other manufacturers;
  • boron is in a mobile form, which contributes to its rapid absorption by plants;
  • It is represented as a liquid composition, has a low viscosity, which makes measurement for pouring and mixing in the spray tank easier;
  • the working solution is not aggressive to agricultural machinery and can be stored for a long time;
  • it helps to prevent and eliminate boron deficiency even in highly sensitive crops.

The result of applying the KASTONS BORON microfertilizer:


  • increases drought tolerance of crops;
  • prevents diseases that occur due to boron deficiency;
  • stimulates the development of the root system, the growth and development of growth points, the formation of foliage, flowers, fertilization processes and fruit formation;
  • increases yield and improves quality indicators of products;
  • extends the shelf life of the crop.

Packaging: 10 l


0.5-2 l/ha in the budding phase to the beginning of flowering. In case of moderate or severe boron deficiency, repeated use is necessary in 10-14 days. Water consumption rate is 300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha in the tillering phase before beginning of shooting stage. Water consumption rate is 300 l/ha.


2-3 l/ha in the phase of 4-6 leaves with repeated processing in the interval of 10-14 days. Water consumption rate is 300 l/ha.


From one to two dressings with rate of 0.5-1 l/ha in the budding phase. If necessary, repeat after flowering.
Water consumption rate is 400 l/ha.


0.25-1 l/ha from 3 to 8 leaves. If necessary, repeat treatment in the interval of 10-14 days. Water consumption: up to 300 l/ha.


1-3 l/ha per phase from 4-6 leaves before budding.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


The first dressing is 1 l/ha in seedlings, during the formation of the first truss. The second dressing is 1 l/ha after bedding out.
Water consumption rate is 200-300 l/ha.


With a single use – 3 l/ha in the phase of the beginning of bolting. For winter rape – 0.5-1 l/ha in the phase of 4-6 leaves in the fall, 0.5-1 l/ha in the phase of the spring rosette. If necessary, repeat the application at intervals of 10-14 days before flowering. Water consumption: 300 l/ha.

For accurate determination of the dosage of microelements, an agrochemical analysis of the soil and/or foliar diagnosis is necessary. This will ensure not only healthy seedings, but also maximum crop yields.