Nitrogen (N) – 56 g/l (3,5%); Boron (В) = 33 g/l (2%); Manganese (Mn) = 52 g/l (3,3%); Molybdenum (Mo) = 3 g/l (0,2%); Calcium (Ca) = 84 g/l (5,25%)

KASTONS COMPLEX is a balanced combination of basic micro and meso elements, especially suitable for oilseeds and leguminous crops.

The purity of the raw material from which this product is made ensures its safe use and ensures that the resulting products will be of high quality.

Features of the KASTONS COMPLEX microfertilizer:


  • compatible with most plant protection products and fertilizers, which makes it easy to integrate the product into plant protection programs and eliminates the need for individual spraying;
  • highly concentrated solution of meso- and microelements in a form accessible to plants;
  • the working solution is not aggressive to agricultural machinery, it can be used the next day after preparation, in case of unforeseen circumstances during treatment;
  • the small particle size provides rapid absorption by plants and a long-lasting nutritional effect;
  • adjuvants and adhesives in Kastons Complex evenly distributes and holds fertilizer on the leaf surface and improves the absorption of nutrients by plants.

The result of applying the KASTONS COMPLEX microfertilizer:


  • improves photosynthesis and rape yields;
  • significantly increases the yield of sunflower;
  • increases plant resistance to adverse conditions;
  • extends the shelf life of the crop.

Packaging: 10 l


2-4 l/ha in the phase when the seedlings of the crop have sufficient leaf surface for treatment. If necessary, repeat treatment in the interval of 10-14 days.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


From the phase of 5-6 leaves to budding is1-3 l/ha. Repeat if necessary.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


0.5 l/t of seeds. Can be used simultaneously with the treater.


2-3 l/ha in the phase of 4-9 leaves (autumn) and repeatedly in the spring in the phase of bolting.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


1.5 l/ha in phase of 3-5 threefold leaf, repeat in the seed filling phase.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.

For accurate determination of the dosage of microelements, an agrochemical analysis of the soil and/or foliar diagnosis is necessary. This will ensure not only healthy seedings, but also maximum crop yields.