Composition: Nitrogen (N) = 9 г/л (0,8%), Molybdenum (Mo) = 200 г/л (16,6%), Sulfur (S) = 18 г/л (1,5%); (SO3) = 45 г/л (3,7%)

The liquid combined fertilizer. Designed for foliar dressing of all agricultural crops and seed treatment. Quickly and effectively eliminates molybdenum deficiency.

The purity of the raw material from which the fertilizer is made ensures its safe use and ensures that the resulting products will be of high quality. Compatible with most plant protection products and fertilizers.

Features of the KASTONS MOLYBDENUM microfertilizer:


  • highly concentrated solution, the content of molybdenum is several times higher than that of similar fertilizers from other manufacturers;
  • liquid composition, easily measured for pouring and mixing in a spray tank;
  • working solution is not aggressive to agricultural machinery and retains its properties for a long time;
  • quickly absorbed by plants and has a prolonged effect, which reduces the number of treatments.

Molybdenum is an important and necessary fertilizer element, although it is necessary for plants in very small doses.

The result of applying the KASTONS MOLYBDENUM microfertilizer:


  • contributes to a better assimilation of nitrogen fertilizers by plants, as fast nitrification of ammoniac and amide forms occurs. Nitrogen losses due to denitrification and washing out nitrates are reduced;
  • increases crop yield by 10-20%;
  • improves crop quality;
  • has a high payback due to the high content of the active substance and low consumption standards.

Packaging: 10 l


In the tillering stage (for winter crops in autumn) is 0.20 l/ha.
Water consumption: 200-300 l/ha.


0.25-0.5 l/ha. The first dressing in 10-15 days after emergence of seedings, the second dressing is in 10 days. In the case of increased acidity of the soil, it is possible to conduct a third dressing.
Water consumption: 200-300 l/ha.


0.5 l/t of seeds. Can be used simultaneously with the treater.


For single application: 0.25 l/ha at the beginning of bolting. With moderate deficiency – 0.25 l/ha from 4 to 6 leaves and 0.25 l/ha at the beginning of bolting.
If necessary, repeat the treatment at intervals of 10-14 days. Avoid
treatments during flowering. Water consumption: 200-300 l/ha.


0.2-0.3 l/ha in the phase of 3-5 ternate leaves.
If necessary, repeat the treatment at intervals of 10-14 days.
Water consumption: 200-300 l/ha.


0.2-0.3 l/ha with the manifestation of visual signs of molybdenum deficiency or when determining its deficit according to the results of diagnostics.

For accurate determination of the dosage of microelements, an agrochemical analysis of the soil and/or foliar diagnosis is necessary. This will ensure not only healthy seedings, but also maximum crop yields.