Composition: Zinc (Zn) – 330 g/l (23,6%), Zinc compound in chelate form) – 411 g/l (29,3%)

Liquid combined fertilizer with zinc and nitrogen. Designed for leaf dressing of all agricultural crops grown by various technologies, and pre-sowing seed treatment.

The purity of the raw material from which the fertilizer is made ensures its safe use and ensures that the resulting products will be of high quality. Compatible with most plant protection products and fertilizers.

Features of the KASTONS ZINC microfertilizer:


  • highly concentrated liquid fertilizer for foliar dressing, contains several times more zinc than similar products on the market;
  • much easier to use than dry products that contain zinc, BAST ZINC is easier to dissolve and mix in the spray tank;
  • quickly absorbed by the plant, has a prolonged effect, which allows to obtain the effect with a smaller number of treatments;
  • working solution is not aggressive to agricultural machinery and retains its properties for a long time;
  • has low consumption rates;
  • 50% of Zinc is in chelated form, 50% – in an oxide, that provides fast access of microelement to the plants and has the prolonged action.

The result of applying the KASTONS ZINC microfertilizer:


  • increases drought and frost tolerances of crops;
  • prevents diseases that occur due to zinc deficiency;
  • stimulates the growth and development of growth points, the formation of foliage, flowers, fertilization processes and fruit formation;
  • increases yield and improves quality indicators of products;
  • extends the shelf life of the crop.

Packaging: 10 l


In case of zinc deficiency in the phase of 5-7 leaves is 0.5-1 l/ha.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha in the phase of from the 2nd leaf to the second node.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


In the phase of 4-9 leaves is 0.5-1 l/ha. Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha in the phase of 4-6 leaves, in case of hidden or visible zinc deficiency, repeat the treatment if necessary with an interval of 10-14 days.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha from three to eight leaves.
Water consumption is 300 l/ha.


In the phase of 2 pairs of leaves is 0.2-1 l/ha.
Water consumption: 200-300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha in the budding phase.
Water consumption: 300 l/ha.


0.5-1 l/ha with the manifestation of visual signs of zinc deficiency or in the case of its determination by the results of diagnostics.

For accurate determination of the dosage of microelements, an agrochemical analysis of the soil and/or foliar diagnosis is necessary. This will ensure not only healthy seedings, but also maximum crop yields.